The mass shooting event in Uvalde, Texas took the lives of many innocent young people. “This is a tremendous and unacceptable tragedy, and we grieve for the victims and their families,” conveyed Dr. Fredrick Echols, CEO of Cure Violence Global.

There is an epidemic of violence within the United States and school shootings are a public health crisis within that epidemic. Mass shootings in the United States have become both more frequent and more deadly and the threat of mass events has created an atmosphere of fear that permeates many parts of society. These numerous tragedies are compounded by the fact that most mass shootings are preventable, but we are failing to put in place what is needed to prevent them.

What Is Missing from the Current Approach

  • Intentional effort to detect warning signs of people at risk of behaving violently
  • Methods for anyone to report any concerns with confidence and trust that the effects will be positive
  • Highly personalized prevention and care provided to those at highest risk of behaving violently
  • Tracking and following up with people at risk of behaving violently
  • Trainings on detecting warning signs and responding

Let us all renew our commitment to stopping violence wherever it happens. Together, we can achieve our vision of a World without Violence, a world where all children can go to school safely and grow up to reach their full potentials.


Download the CVG Statement on Uvalde