As the 2020 Presidential election nears, there is a risk of violence throughout the country.

Cure Violence Global is working with many partners to prevent any violence.

We want you to be involved.

  • You can make a difference. 

  • You can spread the word. 

  • You can talk to people in your network. 

  • You can stop the spread of violence!

Together, we can hold the peace!

Violence is contagious.

Don’t get caught up.

Don’t be fooled.

We can stand together against violence.


Resources from our most recent training around the Georgia election

Online Trainings

Cure Violence Online Election Training

A 10 part training that covers:

  1. The current context
  2. Possible scenarios and what to do
  3. Tactics to de-escalate situations

Available for FREE  —  Take the training today!

Spread the message - Video

Help us spread these messages on social media!

Spread the message - Graphics

Help us spread these messages on social media!

Resources from Our Partners & Others

The Carter Center

Resources to help build trust in the election

DC Peace Team

Providing security for peaceful protests and trainings in nonviolent communications and unarmed civilian protection.s

TRUST Network / MBBI

A broad network/platform designed to prevent violent conflict before, during and after the U.S. 2020 elections

Election Defenders!

Trainings on protecting the election including preventing violence

Over Zero Project

Helping people and communities build resiliency through networks

Georgetown Law School ICAP

Fact sheet and guidance on militia laws, voter intimidation laws, and more

Support efforts on the ground

Cure Violence Global is working in partnership with many organizations to prevent the spread of violence related to the election.  Our efforts are centered on providing training and technical support to groups on the grounds, online trainings for everyone, and advocacy materials to encourage people to reject the violence.

We will have more information up soon about other groups that you can support.  In the meantime, please support our work so that we can do more to stop the violence.

Learn about how violence spreads

Violence is a Health Issue

Violence is an epidemic problem. Exposure to violence has been scientifically shown to increase a person’s risk of adopting violent behavior themselves, meaning that violent behavior transmits and spreads based on exposure – just like an epidemic disease.  This has been shown to be true for community violence, domestic violence, child abuse, and election violence.

Public health has a long track record of managing epidemics and changing behaviors.  Public health methods have been extremely successful in reducing violence in communities around the world.

Tips for Media

Recommendations and Best Practices for Reporting on Election Violence

  • Report on election violence as a public health issue
  • Report on the contagious nature of violence in crowds
  • Include resources
  • Emphasize help and hope
  • Talk to experts

More resources are coming soon, including a training for media on how to report without spreading the violence.