Cure Violence Global™ (CVG) announces the appointment of Seanne N. Murray, J.D., and Dr. David R. Kanis to the Cure Violence Global Board of Directors.

Ms. Murray is the founder and CEO of Attain 9, Inc., a consulting and production company that combines the power of media and business to achieve social and financial impact. Ms. Murray works with award winning companies and individuals to galvanize diverse leadership, and elevate prosperity through strategic planning, high value partnerships and smart capital. Ms. Murray has worked with a wide array of clientele including media moguls, Wall Street aficionados, and legendary artists. Ms. Murray launched a social enterprise, Stop All Violence, to connect influence, capital, and expertise to promote peace in the world.

“I look forward to lending my influence, infectious positive attitude, and passion for social justice and change to the Cure Violence Global board. With years of data, Cure Violence Global has proof that there is, in fact, a cure for violence! This groundbreaking news should be on the front page of every media outlet with full financial and social support from every community, worldwide.”

Dr. David Kanis is professor emeritus at Chicago State University, where he served as Associate Vice President of Grants and Research Administration, De­­an of Arts and Sciences, and Professor of Chemistry. Dr. Kanis is a Fulbright Scholar and a highly regarded professor who has spent his career making higher education accessible to people of diverse backgrounds. In 2022, Dr. Kanis led the opening of the Dr. David Kanis Child Development Center, an educational childcare program at the University.

“I have long admired the work of Cure Violence Global,” said Dr. Kanis. ” Over my career I have seen the devastation brought about by violence, and I am convinced that expanding the work of Cure Violence Global is an essential part of the solution. It is an honor to join the board and to devote my energy to helping this great organization.”

“With these additions to our board, Cure Violence Global has added valuable experience and diversity that will help us as we work to expand our reach, helping more communities reduce violence across the globe,” said Dr. Frederick Echols, CEO of CVG.  “Ms. Murray is a forward-thinking leader with a wealth of experience in the public and private sectors. Dr. Kanis is a seasoned professional with a long record of supporting people and communities. Both share a passion for social justice, along with all members of the Cure Violence Global board and staff. I am thrilled that Ms. Murray and Dr. Kanis have agreed to support the organization and its efforts to achieve its vision, “A world without violence.”

Cure Violence Global is an independent nonprofit organization with the mission of reducing violence globally using disease control and behavior change methods. Cure Violence Global has developed, refined, and demonstrated the effectiveness of the Cure Violence approach, and works to help communities across the globe to bring the approach to life to make their communities safer. The Cure Violence approach to reducing violence has been demonstrated to be effective in multiple evaluations and has been implemented in more than 100 communities across the globe.