UNICEF and Cure Violence Global® (CVG) have just teamed up to expand the violence prevention efforts in Mexico to two additional states, Michoacan and Guerrero.

CVG has been working in Ciudad Juarez since 2014, partnering with the Del Barrio a la Comunidad program to reduce violence. The communities where the program is implemented have experienced large reductions in shootings. These reductions were achieved even though shootings in the area are primarily associated with organized crime.

The workers mediate conflicts by changing the dynamics of the neighborhoods and gangs in the communities where the program works. Cure Violence workers help to transform attitudes and behaviors of the highest risk youth through continued engagement and check-ins and providing connections to the resources they need.

Interruptions in Mexico in 2022

Cuidad Juarez’s dramatic results are backed by data. In the last six months of 2022, the team has averaged more than six interruptions per day, including 22 interruptions in one day in November. The team has also significantly expanded referrals to behavior change services, with 45 referrals in just one day in November. Currently, the program works closely with 130 high-risk individuals.

This new project will include an assessment in Michoacan and Guerrero as a step towards building a community violence prevention approach.  The project also expands the UNICEF and CVG training on addressing gender-based violence, femicide, and violence against women and girls to Michoacan and Guerrero.

Referrals in Mexico in 2022This work is led by Brent Decker, Chief Program Officer, and Guadalupe “Lupe” Cruz, Director of Latin America Programs for CVG. Also part of the team are Francisco Sanchez and Lourdes Henriquez, who have both been instrumental in setting up violence reduction programs throughout Latin America.

“My team is so proud to be working with UNICEF in Mexico,” said Cruz. “Our work together has been incredibly impactful in Honduras and in helping to prevent gender-based violence. This new project is the next step in making the communities in Mexico safer and healthier.”

“This project extends and builds upon our long relationship with UNICEF that includes the work in Honduras and trainings on gender-based violence,” said Brent Decker. “This partnership with UNICEF has produced tremendous reductions in violence and has begun to transform how the region addresses violence.”

“UNICEF is the preeminent humanitarian organization and has led deeply impactful and meaningful projects to protect women and children throughout the world,” said Dr. Echols, CEO of CVG. “We are proud to partner with UNICEF and bring together the expertise of our organizations.”