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Reduction in shootings (New York City)


Reduction in violent crime (Port of Spain, Trinidad)


Reduction in killing (San Pedro Sula, Honduras)

Findings from independent evaluations by prominent researchers

President Biden Visits Cure Violence Partner

President Biden visited Cure Violence partner Community Capacity Development (CCD) in New York City on February 3rd. CCD has been implementing the Cure Violence model in Queensbridge for several years.

The president said, “The program I’m going to see this afternoon, which sends people to the community — in the community to interrupt violence, to mediate conflicts, to de-escalate — succeed in preventing single — a single shooting from occurring in this largest public housing development last year.  No shooting for a full year because they engaged directly with the community.”

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Dr. King spoke of a “Beloved Community.” One where conflicts end not in violence, but rather in peaceful reconciliation. The leaders of Cure Violence live those values in their work — and have helped make this the safest big city in America.

Mayor Bill De BlasioNew York City

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The Cure Violence program and the Crisis Management System have seen incredible success ... completely transforming the way that we address gun violence.

Jumaane WilliamsNYC Council Member, 45th District

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