Videos on Cure Violence

Cure Violence Mini-Documentary

The Daily Show w/ Trevor Noah (2016)

PBS NewsHour (2016)

Cure Violence Trinidad

Cure Violence South Africa

Ted Talk – Dr. Gary Slutkin

Cure Violence Animated Short

Introduction to Cure Violence

Cure Violence RWJF video

The Interrupters — Award winning documentary

Flamo – clips from The Interrupters

CNN/PBS – Christiane Amanpour

Al Jazeera – Cure Violence Bronx

ITV News

Crime Watch Daily

Cure Violence Animated Short #2

You & Me Morning Show

Cure Violence – Relationship with Police

New York City Evaluation Presentation

NYC Panel – Cure Violence in Action

Panel – State of the Evidence on Cure Violence

Gary Slutkin interview with Kelly Wright

Podcasts featuring Cure Violence

New Yorker Podcast

WNYC – The Takeaway

PRI’s The World

Ted Radio Hour

WNYC – The Takeaway

Ethics Talk

Anne E. Casey

Innovation Hub

Video of Presentations on Cure Violence

Gary Slutkin – Dent Conference

Gary Slutkin – PopTech

Gary Slutkin – CUSP 2013

Gary Slutkin – 2013 Elfenworks

Gary Slutkin presentation to MacLean Center