How CVG is Responding to COVID-19

In CVG sites, workers continue to monitor the situation as best they can, observing stay-at-home and social distancing guidelines. They have found creative ways to engage their clients, participants, and community members using social media and other means.

  • Social distancing/safety campaigns at CVG sites
  • Training on precautions the sites/workers need to do to protect themselves from the virus
  • Training on how sites should carry out their day-to-day tasks, including tips and techniques to use while under limited movement
  • Regular consultation with each CVG site on COVID-19
  • Distributed materials and information on how to make your own face mask
  • Launched a COVID public education campaign to reach communities

Cure Violence Community COVID Response Public Education Campaign

While communities of color are disproportionately impacted by COVID-19, life-saving information and resources are not reaching some of the most vulnerable populations. Recognizing this, CVG has worked with community members to launch a public education campaign to spread messaging that resonate with the communities and that motivate heath promotive behavior change.

Spanish messaging

Arabic messaging

Video Related to COVID19

Media Reports on CVG Response to COVID19

COVID-19 Related Resources

Public Education in the Community

Cure Violence staff are distributing information on COVID-19 to the communities they serve to help encourage people to follow behaviors that reduce their risk of getting the virus — much like they have encouraged people to change violent behaviors for years (both the virus and the violence are contagious). Public education materials are transmitted directly to people in the community by the staff on the ground – via text message, social media, or posters in the community.

PPE to some of the Most Under-Resourced Communities

Cure Violence staff in the United States and Latin American are distributing masks to people in the communities they serve and beyond – helping people who do not have the means to procure these resources. We have direct access to people in need.  If you would like to help with providing PPE to under-resourced communities, please reach out.

Addressing COVID in Latin America and the Caribbean

COVID is impacting Latin America, and Cure Violence teams are helping in our communities.