Dr. Gary Slutkin is joining Rev. Russell L. Meyer and 25 other houses of worship around the country in Mourning into Unity on October 19. When Dr. Slutkin took the physician’s pledge, he swore to dedicate his life to the ‘service of humanity.’ Rev. Russell L. Meyer also took a similar pledge in seminary ‘to nurture the spirit, heal souls, and proclaim unity.’ Both men understand the importance of healing the body and the soul, especially during turbulent times. They know the only way to heal this nation is by first expressing our collective sorrow. This year has been unprecedented with the inconceivable heartbreaking losses everyone in the country has experienced. We all need time to mourn and heal together as a nation.

Mourning into Unity hopes to bring Americans together to grieve the deaths of the ongoing pandemic and all our collective losses: unemployment, unsafe school and workplaces, distance from family, and friends. Mourning into Unity has brought together medical professionals and religious leaders from churches, synagogues, and mosques to grieve together the incredible losses our communities have endured in 2020. The hope is that when we share our compassion with one another, we can reinforce our dedication to our fellow Americans. Mourning is an essential part of overcoming loss and finding new hope. By coming together, we can reclaim our commitment to unity and peace as one nation.