Cure Violence Global (CVG) is pleased to announce that we have been listed 9th in NGO Advisor’s 2020 report of the Top 500 NGOs in the world, one of the definitive international rankings of non-governmental organizations. This is the second year in a row that CVG has been listed in the top 10, and the sixth year in a row in the top 20. We are thrilled that Cure Violence has been recognized, as its a tribute to our extraordinary staff, board and partners. This ranking is also a reflection that violence is one of the most important global issues.

CVG first entered the NGO list in 2012 at #30 and we have been consistently working our way up the list as our work has expanded into new places and new types of violence. As of 2020, CVG has worked across five continents in more than 40 cities across 16 countries training hundreds of workers every year, and this work has resulted in the interruption of thousands of potentially lethal conflicts and large reductions in violence.

In 2020, CVG is working to ramp up our efforts further — reaching more communities, deepening our work in communities, and having a larger impact. And, importantly, CVG will continue to shift the way we understand and approach violence. As Dr. Slutkin recently wrote in The Guardian, “The main key to changing this situation is for us to shift our understanding of violence in this new way – as a preventable epidemic health problem. … This shift in thinking about the people – and action – is what allowed us to successfully manage AIDS and so many other health epidemics, and it is what is required now to effectively reduce violence in communities in the United States and throughout the world.”