CHICAGO, ILLINOIS APRIL 1, 2023 – Cure Violence Global is excited to announce that Dr. Monique Williams has been selected as its new Executive Director. Dr. Williams is an accomplished public health professional, researcher, and practitioner with extensive experience in violence prevention. As a passionate advocate for community approaches to addressing all forms of violence, Dr. Williams is poised to lead the organization through significant growth and international expansion.

Dr. Williams brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her new role. As the Director of the Louisville Mayor’s Office for Safe & Healthy Neighborhoods, she oversaw the development and execution of the city’s strategic plan for reducing violence, including its implementation of the Cure Violence approach. She has also led the University of Louisville’s National Center of Excellence in Youth Violence Prevention, one of five centers designated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to advance the science and practice of youth violence prevention.

Dr. Williams is enthusiastic about leading the Cure Violence Global team and bringing her expertise to the organization. She recognizes that the public health approach to preventing violence is effective and will prioritize reaching populations that have been placed at highest risk of violence. With the organization’s comprehensive training curricula and technical assistance protocols, Cure Violence Global is well-positioned to continue its work to make communities safer.

“I am a dedicated public health professional with a lifelong devotion to catalyzing communities against all forms of violence,” said Dr. Williams. “Cure Violence Global has always been a beacon of hope and inspiration for me, demonstrating beyond doubt the efficacy of a public health approach in preventing violence. As the newly appointed Executive Director, I am thrilled to spearhead our mission of transforming communities worldwide.”

“We are all very excited that Dr. Williams will be leading the Cure Violence Global team,” said Dr. Gary Slutkin, founder of the organization and current member of the Board of Directors. “She brings the perfect mix of experience in research, implementation, and local government that will make her effective in this new role. Dr. Williams’ leadership will take Cure Violence Global to the next level in violence prevention and community empowerment.”

If you are passionate about violence prevention and want to learn more about Cure Violence Global’s approach, now is the time to get involved. Follow the organization’s social media channels and sign up for its newsletter to stay informed about our work. You can also donate to support the mission and make a difference in communities worldwide. Together, we can all help to cure violence.


Cure Violence Global is a trailblazing nonprofit organization with a mission to curb violence globally by implementing evidence-based disease control and behavior change methods. For a quarter of a century, the organization has been on the forefront of violence prevention, developing and refining an epidemiologically grounded public health approach that has successfully brought about a reduction in violence in over 100 communities worldwide. By empowering communities with knowledge, skills, and resources, Cure Violence Global has established itself as a formidable force in the fight against violence and continues to inspire and innovate for a safer future.


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