The Cure Violence Global team mourns those killed, injured, and traumatized recently at Club Q in Colorado Springs. Our hearts go out to everyone affected by this tragedy.

This event is heartbreaking, as are the many violent tragedies around the world.  This mass shootings is another unacceptable act of violence in an endless series of mass shootings. These mass shootings are part of a larger epidemic of violence and hate in the United States. This is an unacceptable and preventable tragedy. These violent events are not normal.  Cure Violence Global joins everyone else in condemning these violent acts as unacceptable.

Violence is a societal emergency, a public health crisis that affects all of us, and we must take measures to stop the spread.

Cure Violence Global calls on the leaders at every level of government in the United States, to enact policies that can more urgently, aggressively, and effectively detect and interrupt acts of violence and hate. We also call on leaders of social service and health organizations, public health departments, and every person across the country to play a more active role in addressing the root causes of violence and hate.